Numerology can be defined as sciences and it dates back to the days of King Solomon. It reveals numerous insights and those who manage to use it effectively can enjoy great benefits from it. The mathematics can help you enjoy maximum health benefits.

To accomplish this end, you have to calculate your year number using your date of birth, numeric figure from past birthday and another from future birthday. There are basics that need to be followed when using astrology to determine health. For instance, every individual has a specific number.

For instance, people born on March regardless of the date have number one. There are also comparisons that need to be carried out when using this. In order to get the most out of it however, it is always advisable to apply the religions that govern numerology and these include following to the letter the basic steps that need to be followed in order to come to a definite conclusion.

Using Numerology to Enjoy Maximum Health Benefits


Numerology is one of the oldest science, relying on the interpretation of symbolic signs, which we attribute to the number. From the perspective of each symbol has a number of special features and a good interpretation of these can help to facilitate knowledge of developments in the individual and his surroundings, whether it be for a moment or for the time comes. It can help us to become better acquainted with yourself and the people who surround us. It allows us to create a better life, it can look to the past, understand the present and plan for the future.

Numerology is like to connect and relate to other disciplines and areas of study man, his environment and the subconscious: magic, astrology, different religions, as well as music, mathematics and related sciences.

The essence of numerology trying all the words and dates, especially the basic data of the individual (name and date of birth), converted to a number.

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What is numerology?