Numerology is one of the esoteric sciences which are simple to learn. It just requires one to have the right materials and method at hand. It’s easy to understand unlike other sciences such as astrology. You don need to include your past or religions to understand numerology, all you need is to know how to correspond letters with numbers. Knowing letter combinations there are in numerology and what different numbers mean.

Basically, there are two ways one can use in number calculations. One is adding letters that form someone’s name and the other is by using date of birth. You use the numbers in somebody’s date of birth to do the calculations which you use to predict the future. Both are simple and they require little extra knowledge of mathematics.

Corresponding letters to numbers is easy. You can just add any name or word together for it to correspond to a basic numerology number. All you need to know is which number the letters correspond to. There is a standard chart that is used by numerologists to assign numbers to different alphabetical letters. It uses number one to nine in grouping letters in different batches made of two or even three letters. You just use this chart to get the number of different letters then assign the numbers to get the final number.

Learn More about Numerology


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